Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Script: Globally Replace Email Domain

Have you ever had to globally replace one email domain with another? Maybe you are in the middle of a merger or possibly made a typo in a recipient policy. Searching for and updating idividual email accounts can be tedious.

I couple of weeks ago a friend had a need for a script to identify accounts with an email address and replace it with an address. Below is the script I created to accomplish such a task.


## Please set variables as desired below ##
$OldDomain = "" #Domain address to remove
$NewDomain = "" #Domain address to add

## Start of script

#Query AD for mailboxes to alter
Get-Mailbox -ResultSize:Unlimited -Filter:"EmailAddresses -like '*$OldDomain*'" | foreach {

#Store Identity of Mailbox
$MailboxID = $_.Identity

#Identify the email addresses to change
$AddressesToChange = $_.EmailAddresses | where { $_.ProxyAddressString -like "*$OldDomain*" }

#Loop through results in case a user has multiple addresses to change
$AddressesToChange | foreach {

#Get email address
$OldAddress = $_.ProxyAddressString

#Remove domain portion of email address
$Username = $_.ProxyAddressString.Split("@")[0]

#Set new email address (format: 'smtp:username@newdomain')
$NewEmailAddress = $Username + $NewDomain

#Check if it is a PrimarySMTP Address
$IsPrimarySMTPAddress = $False
if ($_.IsPrimaryAddress -eq "True" -and $_.PrefixString -eq "smtp")
$IsPrimarySMTPAddress = $True

#Add new address
Set-Mailbox -Identity:$MailboxID -EmailAddresses:((Get-Mailbox -Identity:$MailboxID).EmailAddresses + "$NewEmailAddress")

#Set new address as primary address if needed
If ($IsPrimarySMTPAddress)
#Remove 'smtp:' from start of the string
$PrimarySmtpAddress = $NewEmailAddress.Split(":")[1]
Set-Mailbox -Identity:$MailboxID -PrimarySmtpAddress:$PrimarySmtpAddress -WindowsEmailAddress:$PrimarySmtpAddress

#Remove the old address
Set-Mailbox -Identity:$MailboxID -EmailAddresses:((Get-Mailbox -Identity:$MailboxID).EmailAddresses | where { $_.ProxyAddressString -notlike "$OldAddress" })

Write-Host $OldAddress "has been replaced with" $NewEmailAddress


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